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Product Description

Joysmart Endo Motor with apex locator 2 in 1

It adopts brushless electric motor to more accurately control the speed and torque.

The size of Joysmart is much smaller than old type Safendo .

The connection cable are designed inside the handpiece compared to old type Safendo.

so it is much convenient for the Dentist in the Dentistry.

The motor handpiece for current JoySmart is joyful white color.

It is lighter than before in weight and match better with HP contra angle.


Main Features:

Apex locator function and Endo motor function can be used together during the operation and also Apex locator and Endo motor function can be used separately.

Joysmart can offer dentist true convenience .

1.Brushless electric motor,  1:1 contra angle

      Speed range 100-650 r/min.
      Adjustable torque range 0.6-5.6 N*cm
2. Apex locator function included.
3. Adjustable LCD to make operation easier.
4.In the process of root canal treatment, when the file reaches apex, the unit will stop working automatically .
5. Saving function: Ten groups of program for speed and torque can be saved.

6.Auto reverse function. When torque exceeds the pre-set value, the file will reverse automatically to avoid the perforation and break-off.

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