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Pulp Tester  DY310

Pulp Tester DY310 is designed for testing the teeth nerve by a pulse current by generating ans displaying a test signal of normalized value!
1 Preset speed mode  (high-mid-low speed).
A gentle, pulsed stimulus begins to increase at a rate
2 Specifically designed for patient comfort.
   If the patient indicates perception, simply release the button. The stimulus stops immediately, but the numbers remain frozen on the face for about 3 minutes.
3  Convenient to operate
Maximum stimulus-- -80.
Between 0-40, the patient feels ache and anesthesia, alive teeth nerve
Between 40-80,with above-mentioned reaction,part of teeth nerve dead
80, no above-mentioned reaction, dead teeth nerve

4 The device auto-shutdown after no use of 3 minutes. (No wasted batteries.)
5  Battery-operated, Standard 9-Volt batteries, Extremely economical
6  Fully guaranteed for one year

a.  OUTPUT: DC  9.0V;
b.  CURRENT: 50mA
Standard accessory include:                 

main unit         1 pc
testing cord     1pc
test electrode  1 pc (long)             
test electrode  1 pc (short)
stainless hook  4 pcs

user's manual  1pc

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