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Product Description

Alginate Mixer GX300

- Intensive mixing to eliminate bubbles efficiently 
- Perfectly mixed alginate at the push of a button 
- 3 memory modes: 8/10/12 seconds 
- Easy to use and easy to clean 
- High performance motor 
- Time set: 1~16 seconds 
- Safety micro switch

Power scurce: AC110V 60Hz 
AC220V 50Hz 
Classification: ClassI 
Net Weight: 16.5kg 
Gross Weight: 20kg 
Power: Lower than 400W 
Maximum Speed: 3400 RPM (60Hz) 
2850 RPM (50Hz) 
Timer: 1-16 seconds, adjustable 
Dimensions: 20.5x24.5x29.5 cm 

Programs: 3 Memory (preset 8, 10 & 12)

4x Mixing cups 
1x Spatula 
1x Stirrer stick 
1x Plastic basket 

1x Water dosing bottle

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