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Product Description

The NSK EX-203 motor has unparalleled value in the dental industry.  What you will get with this handpiece motor is quiet, low vibration, and long lasting operation. NSK ISO E-Type air motors are delivered with the fllowing features: Forward and reverse direction control; Speed limitation; variable speed in either forward or reverse; quick release handpiece attachment: capability to attach to ALL BRANDS OF ISO E-Type handpiece attachent. NSK air motors are autoclavable.

 NAC-E contra angle
-1:1 Direct Drive
-For CA burs(Ø2.35) 
-Latch type
-Max.25,000 min-1
-Spray Nozzle (Optional)
Straight handpiece

-For HP burs(Ø2.35)
-Clean Head System
-Spray Nozzle(Optional)
-Disposable Prophy Heads can be attached to EX-6

 EX-203 M4
1:1 Direct Drive
-Midwest 4 hole
-Max speed 20,000 min

EX-203 B2

1:1 Direct Drive

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