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Product Description

extra smooth finish which reduce friction
make the patient more comfortable
as an ideal orthodontic material
The niti arch wire provides higher elasticity with lower rigidity
excellent effect in treating
gental & consistent recovery force and bring a much shorter therapeutic period

All the following are available:
Super-Elastic Arch Wires
Stainless Steel Arch Wires
Heat-Activated Arch Wires
Tooth Color, Invisible Arch Wire
Reverse Curve Arch Wires
Copper niti  wire 
5M strraight round niti wires

Round Wires:
0.012”, 0.014”, 0.016”, 0.018”, 0.020” 
Rectangular Wires:
16x16, 16x22, 17x22, 17x25  18x25, 19x25

Form: Square, Ovoid, Tapered (Upper/Lower)

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