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Product Description

Interproximal Enamel Reduction IPR Contra Angle for Hand Use

Fundamental Function:

 Interproximal reduction contra angle handpiece (IPR) is the removal of small amounts of outer enamel tooth 

surface between two adjacent teeth. it is a means to acquire additional space to create ideal tooth alignment.


Alternative names include: slenderizing, stripping, enamel reduction, and reproximation.

•Creates space to improve tooth alignment.

Helps to improve the bite (the way your teeth fit together.)

Can increase the stability of the teeth, so they will retain their position long term.

Can reduce black triangles. this is created by the absence of gum tissue between teeth and gives the appearance of a dark space or hole.

IPR in certain cases may alleviate the need for permanent tooth extractions

Note: IPR may also be used in conjunction with tooth extractions for reasons listed above.

May help to improve the appearance of the teeth, reshaping them for a better esthetic outcome.



Fits E type handpieces

1.4mm stroke


Optimal torque

Gearrito: 4:1/1:1(for choice)


Take out the strip as below:

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